For Amy, music is a form of storytelling. She writes delicate melodies on a steel ukulele, and either performs solo or works with producer, Lorenzo Wolff of Restoration Sound, to craft those melodies into fully realized and fleshed out musical experiences. Her music is, admittedly, hard to put into one category, but let's call it "folk" for simplicity's sake. She has produced two original albums, and one EP of cover songs.

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I'll sing you songs When
you aren't around

Amy Virginia's first album. Here, every song is a love song, whether it's about a boy, her mother, Herman Melville, or the ocean. It's an album of firsts. The first time playing with a band, the first time feeling confidence as a musician, the first time falling in and out of love.

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Sheet music

A collaboration between musical artist and longtime friend, Anna Louise Hoard, Sheet Music is a compilation of songs that range from Beyoncé to the Beatles to a behind the scene youtube video of Stevie Nicks. Recorded shortly after Amy came out as bisexual, Sheet Music is a celebration of the love, platonic or romantic, that exists between two women.

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not us

Not Us is what Amy wrote in the after math of a sexual assault. After having kept the experience entirely to herself for a year, she realized that by keeping it in, it was beginning to define her in ways that would ultimately harm her. Not Us was written to contribute to an existing dialogue about assault and rape culture. It ranges from angry to apologetic, broken to triumphant. And you can read more about it in this article Amy wrote for Bust.