Amy VIrginia buchanan

performance artist,
musician, experience designer, and cultural curator.


Amy landed in New York several years ago, and has swiftly become an aficionado of art and entertainment. While her background is in theatre and performance art (she did go to clown school after all), her interest and experience reaches all forms of artistic expression, from the culinary arts to visual aesthetics and design. An accidental entrepreneur, her business savvy in the worlds of experiential marketing and event curation is unmatchable. Her work can be experienced on both coasts, but (thankfully) she has yet to shake her midwestern charm and big heartedness.

Amy lives in Fort Greene with a little cat named Whenny.


experience design

Blending what she has learned in the hospitality industry in New York with her time spent training theatrically as a professional clown, Amy approaches every event from the perspective of an audience member who might not actually want to be at the party. An event planner for introverts, if you will. 

Amy describes her method of experience design as Emotional Architecture: 

creating a narrative arc of emotions throughout the night, truly thinking of every moment and the feelings of the audience at those moments. This can best be seen and experienced through the lens of Spring Street Social Society, where Amy is artistic director and cofounder, alongside her longtime creative/business partner, Patrick Janelle. She has also worked on the client end with the likes of Spotify, Sonos, Pinerock Entertainment, American Express, and Lexus. 

To see more, please visit Spring Street Social Society's website:


cultural curation

Amy uses her vast rolodex of creative minds across both New York and Los Angeles for programming her own projects and curating the perfect client event.

Amy taps emerging, up-and-coming talent from industries as diverse as food, beverage, hospitality, entertainment, style, and design.

mixologist and bar director,  Diego Sanchez

mixologist and bar director, Diego Sanchez

Food and beverage

Amy's vast network within the New York and LA food and hospitality scene includes chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, writers, restaurant owners, and influential food personalities.


calligrapher Rachel Reding of Raechild

calligrapher Rachel Reding of Raechild

design and style

Leaving no stone unturned, Amy's network extends into the world of visual arts with calligraphers, florists, prop stylists, textile makers, installation artists, interior designers, illustrators, graphic designers, muralists, art directors, fashion designers, andwriters.

Geronimo Balloons  and parkour athlete

Geronimo Balloons and parkour athlete


Between the variety arts, theatre, and music, Amy taps such talent as puppeteers, jugglers, acrobats, musicians, storytellers, clowns, mentalists, magicians, actors, directors, burlesque dancers, and contortionists.

Photos by Sam Ortiz



For Amy, music is a form of storytelling. She writes delicate melodies on a steel ukulele, and either performs solo or works with producer, Lorenzo Wolff of Restoration Sound, to craft those melodies into fully realized and fleshed out musical experiences. Her music is, admittedly, hard to put into one category, but let's call it "folk" for simplicity's sake. She has produced two original albums, and one EP of cover songs.

Sing you songs_Album Art.png

I'll sing you songs When
you aren't around

Amy Virginia's first album. Here, every song is a love song, whether it's about a boy, her mother, Herman Melville, or the ocean. It's an album of firsts. The first time playing with a band, the first time feeling confidence as a musician, the first time falling in and out of love.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 1.47.43 PM.png

Sheet music

A collaboration between musical artist and longtime friend, Anna Louise Hoard, Sheet Music is a compilation of songs that range from Beyoncé to the Beatles to a behind the scene youtube video of Stevie Nicks. Recorded shortly after Amy came out as bisexual, Sheet Music is a celebration of the love, platonic or romantic, that exists between two women.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 1.48.54 PM.png

not us

Not Us is what Amy wrote in the after math of a sexual assault. After having kept the experience entirely to herself for a year, she realized that by keeping it in, it was beginning to define her in ways that would ultimately harm her. Not Us was written to contribute to an existing dialogue about assault and rape culture. It ranges from angry to apologetic, broken to triumphant. And you can read more about it in this article Amy wrote for Bust.

From The Michael Show.jpg



As a writer and performer, Amy Virginia has presented works of original, devised theatre at venues across Manhattan, including at Little Theatre, LaMama, The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, TinyDangerousFun, and Fresh Ground Pepper. Her first full length play, On Fonts, ran at Cloud City in Williamsburg in 2014, and her second play, The Michael Show, about her experience growing up with a brother with down syndrome, ran at The Tank in 2016. As a performance artist, Amy "has a gift for storytelling that can transform [a] theatre," and "is captivating [in] her ability to embrace being fully present." (Stage Buddy review)

As a collaborative artist, Amy has performed and participated in work at the Incubator Arts Project, 14th Street Y, Dixon Place, Triskelion, HERE, The Drama Bookshop, Brooklyn Lyceum, The People's Improv Theatre, Brooklyn Navy Yards, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, The Brick, South Oxford Space, and The New Whitney Museum. 

Theatricality and her unique form of storytelling is present in all of the work that Amy does, from Spring Street Social Society to recording music, and is what makes her a viable force to be reckoned with.


In the news

From her work as artistic director at Spring Street Social Society to her intimate take on self narrative clown theatre, Amy Virginia Buchanan is entirely press worthy, catching the eye of major outlets and bespoke blogs alike. Below, find a few highlights, and if you're looking for more, we've got options, baby: Bust, New York Times, Bashed, Life and Thyme, Playbill, The Food Seen, BizBash, InFluential, Broadway World, Stage Buddy, Flower, Per La Mente, Theatre is Easy, Culturebot, Woman Around Town, Interior Monologue, and Martha Stewart (photo only, but STILL it's MARTHA)

Amy and Eben Hoffer play music at the very first dining event for Spring Street Social Society

Amy and Eben Hoffer play music at the very first dining event for Spring Street Social Society

Food and wine magazine

"New York City–based founders Patrick Janelle and Amy Buchanan draw on their theater backgrounds to create elaborate gatherings that somehow manage to feel like intimate parties. The fun is in the pile on of creative talent: chefs, mixologists, designers, actors, singers, writers, musicians."


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Bossladies magazine issue 4: New york

"Amy never tries to appear ‘cool.’ And that is, perhaps, the coolest thing about her. She is warm and inviting, a present and generous friend, who also happens to be a brilliant artist and businesswoman shaping the city’s social scene."

"...Amy performs bravely with vulnerability and rawness, deeply affecting every person in the audience."

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It's easy to tell which one is Amy... (bald and glasses!)

It's easy to tell which one is Amy...
(bald and glasses!)

speaking broadly.jpeg

Speaking Broadly: heritage radio network

Dana Cowin interviews Amy for her premiere episode Speaking Broadly

"Amy Virginia Buchanan’s faith in herself and the energy of New York changed her life. She jumped from a job at HousingWorks to pursue acting, singing and perhaps most surprisingly a creative partnership called Spring Street Social Society. As artistic director, she helps plot one-of-kind events with musical entertainment in unconventional settings for the group’s members. On today’s podcast, Buchanan reveals a vulnerable brilliance and uncompromising approach that are essential to her success."

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